Who we are

Welcome to Vienna and our First Vienna Food Tour!

In 2013 Bianca & Elisabeth have already started successfully a Food Tour project called “Wiener Sinnestour” with which they sensitize locals to use all senses for daily food pleasure.

Since they have constantly received requests from foreign visitors for an English version, they have started in 2015 with a special tailored food tour on Viennese food in English.
Join our First Vienna Food Tour. Walk. Taste. And be merry.



Bianca trained as chef, is a passionate food lover, writer & entertainer. After working in Environmental Politics she dedicated her professional life to food and runs her own business called Bianca is(s)t which literally translated means Bianca “is” because she “eats”. She has published cook books and also organizes English cooking classes for visitors in Vienna. Her profession makes her happy every day and luckily she has also been travelling all over the world which has enhanced her cultural understanding also in connection with the meaning of food. Pleasure and Food dedicate Bianca’s life!



Elisabeth is a sensory professional and tastes foods and drinks for a living. Could there be a better job?  Elisabeth has a company called Sensorikum, specialized in sensory training. She enjoys natural and artisanal food products. Her passion is  sharing them with friends and using them in her own kitchen. Elisabeth loves tasting new food products. However, she is also convinced that great food does not have to be elitist – it is the simple dishes we know from our childhood that make us happy!

Our great guides share our passion for good food and complete our team.

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Katharina studied sociology and is an adventurous cook. Hence she enjoys looking at food culture from various perspectives. During her research at a little Viennese market place, she experienced how the enjoyment of culinary delights brings together different people and even may strengthen a community.

For her, consciously enjoying food means not only to activate all senses, but also to reflect the history and manufacturing of products. And it tastes the best when she can share her experiences in good company.

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Barbara is the real esthete in our team. Her passion for pleasure, quality and beauty itself has always played a major role in her life. After her training as health trainer she had lived in Germany, before she finally returned to her hometown Vienna in 2017.

In the meantime, she has busy days full of food tours, but also as beauty consultant and wedding planner. With Viennese blood in her veins she is always in touch with the latest food trends.



Anna-Sophie is trained as a dietitian and her passion is to experiment with all different kind of food. Besides her culinary interest, she is also a passionate traveler. That’s why she only returned recently form her voluntary year in Italy, where she enjoyed local life. La vita e bella! Anna-Sophie is an open-hearted character you want to spend time with and have a coffee.

We are happy that she loves hosting our guests and shares her culinary experience and stories with them.